Bello & Co’s functions in this area of activity consist broadly of Real Estate Investment Appraisal and Project Management. Investment Appraisal services center largely on Pre-Feasibility and Viability Studies of Project such as Real Estate, Industrial, and Commercial Investments.
The Feasibility/Viability Report prepared would normally cover the following areas:-
  1.         Project description/processes;
  2.         Description of site and services;
  3.         Advice on management operations;
  4.         Analysis of investment cost and financing plans;
  5.         Market survey, demand and supply analysis;
  6.         Commercial and financial details incorporating incomes, expenditure, and Net Operating income;
  7.         Financial analysis and evaluation of the project
  8.         Projected Profit and Loss Account;
  9.         Cash flow forecast;
  10.         Projected Balance Sheet;
  11.         Sensitivity Test and Risk analysis; and
  12.         Conclusion and Recommendation on the viability of the scheme.
Project Management on the other hand is undertaken whilst the development of the project is in progress and will involve: -
  1.         Advice on selection of consultants;
  2.         Coordination of site activities;
  3.         Reduction of development/construction time to barest minimum;
  4.         Elimination of wastage and supper flown expenses; and
  5.         Regular progress report to the client.